Gold nanoparticles engineered for conjugation to your antibodies, proteins, and nucleic acids.

You asked, we listened: DCNovations is proud to offer a wider selection of nanoparticle options than ever before. Increase the sensitivity of your lateral flow assay with these gold nanoparticles powered by nanoComposix, a world-leading manufacturer of precisely-engineered and highly-characterized nanoparticles.

DCNovations Nanoparticles (powered by nanoComposix) feature improved shape and size consistency, providing more reliable assay performance to researchers and organizations everywhere. In fact, you can expect sensitivity increases of 5–20x (compared to standard 40nm gold) when using gold nanoshell particles!

All DCNovations Nanoparticles (powered by nanoComposix) are fabricated within an ISO:13485-compliant quality system to produce high lot-to-lot consistency of particle properties in large lot sizes.

If you’re a researcher experiencing poor sensitivity in your assays (but don’t want to use fluorescence); have a difficult sample requiring additional chemistry to ensure the conjugate remains; or just want a new approach with the reliability of colloidal gold—these labels are for you.

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Gold nanoparticle offerings


The DCNovations gold nanospheres are available in 40nm and 80nm.  These particles are synthesized with active carboxyl groups, which distinguishes them from DCNovations colloidal gold and cellulose nanobeads.  The covalent conjugation process allows for a more robust conjugate that can withstand extreme conditions that may be the result of certain types of samples and sample pre-treatment methods. These particles are uniform in size and tend to require less antibody than typical colloidal gold nanoparticles due to their controlled surface.



The DCNovations 150nm nanoshells have many of the same characteristics as the nanospheres.  What makes these particles stand out is their silica core. Generally, 150nm colloidal gold is not used in lateral flow because the particles are too heavy to flow properly.  The DCNovations 150nm nanoshells are synthesized with a silica core, which makes them significantly less dense than standard colloidal gold particles of the same size.  The resulting label is a very uniform particle with a very dark, controlled surface.  The nanoshells are very easy to use and have resulted in 5-20x enhanced sensitivity in lateral flow applications. 



DCNovations conjugation kits are a great way to save time and money by utilizing DCN Dx’s expertise in your own lab.  These kits come equipped with all of the protocols and chemistries required to prepare and optimize custom conjugates in your own lab.