CNB Conjugation Kit


For reliable conjugations to NanoAct™ cellulose nanobeads.

The DCNovations Cellulose Nanobead Conjugation Kit is the sensible solution for optimizing your own conjugations to NanoAct™ cellulose nanobeads.

Each kit contains the reagents necessary to prepare and optimize several protein conjugations to red and blue cellulose nanobeads using protocols recommended by DCN Dx’s expert team of scientists. The DCNovations Cellulose Nanobead Conjugation Kit also includes up to two hours of consulting time with a DCN Dx scientist to assist you in the implementation of cellulose nanobeads in your system.

NanoAct™ is the new high-performance label developed by Asahi Kasei Corporation and distributed by DCN Dx. See for yourself the difference NanoAct™ cellulose nanobeads can make in your own LFAs.

For a reliable, complete kit for optimizing conjugations to NanoAct™ cellulose nanobeads, choose DCNovations Cellulose Nanobead Conjugation Kit.

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