Cellulose NanoBeads

Enhance your lateral flow assay’s performance with NanoAct™ cellulose nanobeads. The unique characteristics of these particles allow for increased sensitivity, faster detection time, and improved reproducibility when compared to colloidal gold in typical lateral flow tests. These high-performance visual labels are available in a variety of bright colors including red, blue, green, and black, making them ideal for multiplexing. Cellulose nanobeads have demonstrated improved performance over standard labels in lateral flow applications, including:

  • Comparable sensitivity
  • Increased sensitivity
  • Improved reproducibility
  • Brighter colors
  • More color options

NanoAct™ is the new high-performance label developed by Asahi Kasei Corporation and distributed by DCN Dx. See for yourself the difference NanoAct™ cellulose nanobeads can make in your own LFAs.

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