Lateral Flow Materials Kits


Everything you need to start your own LFA development program.

The DCNovations Lateral Flow Materials Kits contain all the components necessary to begin a lateral flow assay development program in your own lab.

The accuracy of a lateral flow test depends heavily on the types of materials selected during early stages of development.  Unfortunately, there is no set of “one size fits all” materials that will work for every assay.  For this reason, it is necessary to evaluate several different combinations of conjugate pads, nitrocellulose and sample pads during the early stages of development. This process can be cumbersome because of the extensive catalog of options available on the market, large minimum order requirements and long lead times from manufacturers.  This is why DCN Dx developed the DCNovations Lateral Flow Materials Kits as a quick and economical way to kick start your development program.

Each kit includes multiple types of each material from the highest-quality manufacturers available. DCNovations Materials Starter Kits include all the required components in the right quantities to optimize an assay and produce several thousand strips.

Start your lab’s own LFA development program the right way with DCNovations Materials Starter Kit.

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